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Encouragement Today ~ Thankfulness
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Tags: encouragement thankfulness Ps 28:7
Encouragement Today ~ Thankfulness
Basket of apples lined with burlap

The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him. ~ Psalm 28:7

Laundry [No Grate] Soap Recipe
Category: Odds & Ends
Tags: home recipe
Ever have to go on a super strict grocery budget? Where you're adding up everything you buy and being picky about what you'll actually leave with?[ME]† You get to certain items that you HAVE TO HAVE like laundry soap and softener, look at the prices of them and I wish that was .99 cents.† We've already helped the budget out by going 'Poo free (read about HERE) and getting rid of paper and going to cloth. (read about HERE) We try to eat as healthy as possible, raw fruits and veggies, but lets face it, healthy is not cheap.† Which leads me to looking at alternatives to everyday items.

Laundry Soap Recipe

3 TBSP Dish Soap
3 TBSP Washing Soda
3 TBSP Borax

I recycled a detergent jug I had just finished off using to put my new homemade laundry soap in.† [It helps if you have a funnel and a tea kettle.]

What To Do
Using a funnel, put the TBSP's of dish soap, washing soda and borax in your jug.† Heat a few cups of water up in a tea kettle.† Once the water is ready, fill the jug up about halfway.† Put the cap back on and shake it up a bit so the ingredients will dissolve.† Let it cool off at bit, cause it gets pretty hot, then pour enough cold water to fill up the rest of the jug. And, it's ready to use!

Tips: Dish soap we use is Palmolive with Oxy.† It's done the job very well at getting out all our stains and spots.† Have only had to use Shout once!† You could buy a more sweet smelling dish soap to make your clothes smell extra special. & I either fill the cap all the way up or halfway.† It depends on how large the load is.†

Lasts Forever!† I do about 4 to 5 loads of laundry a week and have to make a batch of laundry soap about every month to month and a half.† In the last 6 months since starting this, the only recipe ingredient I have to buy is the dish soap.† Which we buy already.† And I am no where near going through the big boxes of Borax and Washing Soda.† They only cost a few dollars each and will last a very long long time.
Much Cheaper
Doesn't fade colors
Cleans clothes awesomely and smells fresh!

Personally we love this recipe, it works great for us and we will keep using it!†

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News from the Creation Museum
Category: Odds & Ends

Creation Museum Logo

Creation Museum News and Notes: August 23, 2012

The award-winning Creation Museum has beautiful facilities and amazing exhibits. Moreover, it is widely regarded as a highly valued attraction by regional planners and vacation tour operators. But you know it as so much more! Where else can you experience such unique biblical celebrations and-out-of-this-world programs? Mark your calendar for your next adventure at the Creation Museum.

Coming Soon:

Stargazerís Nights

Stargazer's NightsThere is still time to purchase your tickets for the August Stargazerís Nights with PhD astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner. These highly popular programs are offered only a few times each year. The next openings are Friday and Saturday this week (August 24Ė25). If you want to experience an amazing trip through Godís heavenly creation, call to reserve your spot today!

Coming Soon:
Save the Date:
Members-only Events:

Save the Date:

Raptor Run

Raptor RunWhether you like to sprint or just walk toward the finish line, join us for the fourth annual Raptor Run 5K. Come by yourself, with your family, or bring a group. Be prepared to meet fellow runners and new friends.

The Raptor Run will take place on scenic roads among the rolling hills of northern Kentucky. The course is set on closed streets around the Creation Museum, leaving from and returning to the museum grounds.† Every participant will also get free admission to the Creation Museum for the day of and day after the race.

Legacy of Love

Legacy of LoveFour couples from Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, including Ken and Mally Ham, celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversaries this year. We would love for you to join us for a special celebration.

Enjoy a wonderful catered meal together, plus a great time of fun and fellowship. AiGís Buddy Davis will put on a concert and Ken will make one of his rare public appearances on the keyboard of the museumís beautiful grand piano!

Christmas Town

Christmas TownStart planning your December Christmastime visit to the Creation Museum now; there is nothing else like it! Experience the amazing events that surrounded the wonder of our Saviorís birth when you visit the transformed Creation Museum during our annual Christ-focused event, Christmas Town.

Featuring a free live nativity, dazzling lights, and live dramas, Christmas Town is becoming an annual tradition for families all across the region (over 25,000 people came in 2011). Mark your calendar now!

Members-Only Events:

See the Members section of our website for information on these events and more like them.† Not a member yet? You can also visit the members section of our website to learn about the many benefits of joining, including all of the members-only events held each year.

Members-only Fossil Hunt

Members-Only Fossil HuntJoin us on a trip to Caesar Creek Lake in Warren County, Ohio, for a day of fossil hunting that could change your view of earthís history forever!

PhD geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling will lead this one-day excursion to one of the most popular fossil-hunting locations in the region. This exciting, hands-on experience comes with many highlights, including geology presentations and personal instruction from Dr. Snelling.

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Creation Museum Deaf Day

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